The Most Productive 90 Minutes of Your Week… We Promise!

Multi Image Group’s Imagination Lab presents the industry’s most cutting-edge event technology developments, filled with interactive demonstrations, leaving attendees with ideas and solutions to position their events and brand experiences at the forefront of their respective industry.

Boston, MA

November 8-9, 2017

Omni Parker House
60 School St.
Boston, MA 02108

  • Sensory Presentation
  • Virtual & Augmented
  • Interactive Design
  • Staging & Lighting
  • Graphics & Branding
  • emerging technologies

    Emerging Technologies


MIG travels the world to discover the most engaging event technologies! We are bringing these tools to Boston for 2 days only — attendees will experience everything from mixed reality to a massive, curved LED screen, to image mapping, & RFID / bluetooth tracking — and learn how to increase audience engagement, leverage event analytics, and create amazing events!


MIG’s private iLab is composed of 90-minute timeframes filled with interactive demonstrations, emerging technologies, and keynote presentations tailored for forward-thinking event professionals, producers, and managers. Discover innovations that will inspire you to re-imagine your next event, expo, or brand experience.

Experience what’s possible. What’s next.