Creativity Strategy: A 360˚Approach

Multi Image Group helps you design every single touchpoint of your experience. From the first impression to the climactic moments to the post-event follow-up . . . our comprehensive 360˚ approach to creative strategy assures that a vibrant and rewarding relationship between your brand and your audience can be formed.

  • Connector.


    The right idea or concept can turn a live event into an ALIVE event. Let our creative team discover and craft some concepts that will ignite the hearts and minds of your target audience. One good idea can change the world.
    • Conceptual Ideation
    • Event Experience Design
    • Multi-Sensory & Emotional Design
    • Content Development
    • Educational Strategy
    • Brand & Culture Messaging
    • Event Themes
    • Experiential Activations
    • Brainstorm Sessions
    • Team Building Exercises
    • Expo Engagements

  • Connector.


    Words are recipes. The right combination words can tug at hearts, spark new ideas, or create passionate loyalty. Our experienced writers can find the exact words you need to crystalize a concept or stir people to action.
    • Creative & Speech Writing
    • Digital & Social Strategy
    • Message Development
    • Copywriting
    • Social Media
    • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

  • Connector.


    Great live corporate events or high-impact experiences are the result of clear vision and robust collaboration. Our creative directors and executive producers can help lead you to a flawless, unforgettable experience.
    • Live Event Direction
    • Award Show Staging
    • Video & Film Direction
    • Experiential Coordination
    • Speaker + Executive Coaching