Video Services

Our state-of-the-art AVID edit suites and Audio suites afford you the convenience and luxury of going directly from shoot to edit. We are that “one-stop shop” for full production.

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Creative Team

Videographers, Editors, Sound Designers, Writers, Producers and Directors work together as a team to create a mind-blowing experience.

HD/UHD/4K Video Post Production

Our Digital Editing suites contain the latest software and plug-ins for your Post-Production needs. AVID Media Composer is our primary Edit system, but we also have the ability to work in Premire Pro, FCP X and Resolve if needed.

2D/3D/360 Video Production

Always on the edge of new innovations, MIG is taking the lead in 360˚ VR video production. Let us tell you about your next WOW moment!

Full Cyclorama Sound Stage

Our 30×35 cyc wall is large enough to fit a car or two into the picture! Pick your color or use our standard white.

Green Screen & Motion Capture

Our studio is designed with Green Screen and Image Capturing in mind. Our cyc is large enough to track several groups of actors across a scene.

In-Studio & Portable Digital Edit Suites

MIG Studios contains 5 Digital Edit Suites to serve you. And, if you would rather edit in a different environment, we have 3 portable systems that we can travel with at any given moment.

2D/3D/360˙ Animation Graphics

Motion brings ideas to life. Whether you need moving flat imagery and text, three-dimensional characters, or even virtual reality environments–our graphics team can create vivid and dynamic worlds for you.

Color Grading

During our post production process we color correct then color grade the final video to give your finished product the look and feel you desire.

Archiving Systems

Any production created, shot or posted at MIG Studios is sent first to our archival system before any work is done. This ensures that your files are kept safe and can be re-called in case something should ever happen to the original. Unlike others we don’t charge a storage fee.

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