3 Deadly Sins in Live Events & How to Avoid Them

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We’ve all seen live events where we’re bored out of our minds and start feeling a growing sense of discomfort and possibly even anger welling inside of us, am I right? We feel as though the organizers and presenters have not done their due diligence to assure that us as the audience is taken care of. Multi Image Group wants to help you avoid three big mistakes that event organizers can make. These 3 sins are truly deadly:

1. Forgetting when the event really begins and ends

Too many event creators focus way too much on what happens during the intended performance or presentation of the event . . . but this isn’t the event. The event actually began way before they walked into the location: when the audience first heard the event’s announcement, the registration, the days leadingIMG_0946 up to it, and what happens before the lights dim. The event is also what happens in the breaks, the hallways, the bathrooms, the meals, and the minutes, hours, and days after they’ve left the location. MIG can help you create a 360˙ experience strategic plan to assure that your entire event engages and involves your audience from its first impression to the rest of the audience’s life.

2. Lousy AV

A single dead pixel on a video screen can be a distraction. A microphone that crackles. Not enough light on a speaker. All of these things are distractions from the communication. They can also contribute to a feeling of detachment and annoyance in your audience – or, even worse, they can also create a feeling of anger and resentment. Hire Ken pointingprofessionals to help you. Make an investment in quality equipment. Don’t skimp on the minimum. Our staging andproduction experts at MIG can help you by finding the ideal technical set-up that fits into your budget and goals. Our tools, techniques, and technology are state-of-the-art, and maintained and executed by some of the industries most experienced and skilled professionals.


3. Not Remembering the True Purpose of the Presentation

It sounds ridiculous, but we’ve seen event-holders focus on all the wrong things. They get caught up with certain details of an event (like trying to make sure each and every fact about their product is clearly conveyed to an audience), but they forget that the deeper purpose of their event is to create a positive, long-term relationship with their audience. So instead of talking with an audience and having an authentic conversation that is engaging, interactive, and positive, they talk at the audience and hope that by continuing to hit them over the head with some facts, they’ll somehow embrace it. MIG helps you carefully define your true goals and objectives and then helps you develop creative and impactful tactics to assure that you achieve your intentions.

Multi Image Group exists to serve you. We want to be a part of your team to assure that your live event, experiential activation, or exposition is flawless, full of life, and the way you intended.

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