June 11, 2020

7 Fails to Be Aware of Before Your Next Event

Whether you’re new to the world of event planning or experienced with the white hair to prove it – you’ve likely made some mistakes in the planning and on-site production process.

All to be expected, of course! After all, “experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” as Oscar Wilde once mused. However, knowing about event fails and learning from them is often preferred to stepping on the landmines in the first place. So, what are some of these often-faced fails? Here are seven of them…..

Fail #1

The executive producer mispronounced the company CEO’s name in the pre-recorded VOG and didn’t realize it until the CEO corrected him on it – live on stage. Cue putting the client relationship in jeopardy mode!

Fail #2

The creative director assumed her headline speaker was comfortable presenting so she didn’t bother rehearsing him. She is shocked of course when he reads his PowerPoint deck word-for-word. This is more than a big fail, it’s a big yawn!

Fail #3

Audiovisual didn’t realize this recognition moment was going to involve 500 attendees. He now regrets not looping his music selection to last longer than four minutes. Silence in this case is not golden.

Fail #4

When designing the stage set to include a narrow, winding staircase to add a touch of glamor and drama to recognition moments, the designer didn’t take into account that most of the award winners were going to be wearing high heels. Can we say wipeout?

Fail #5

That time when the technical director realizes a set piece doesn’t fit in the cargo elevator. Doh! “Someone get me a saw!”

Fail #6

Wardrobe malfunction. It doesn’t just happen to Janet Jackson! Two words: double-sided tape.

Fail #7

When the cameraman misses the money shot such as the CEO’s state of the union address or an unveiling of a new product. Not good on so many levels.

Stuff happens . . .
but Multi Image Group exists to help these event fails and more from never happening to you!