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Highlights from Boston Imagination Lab Event

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Multi Image Group’s Imagination Lab presents the industry’s most cutting-edge event technology developments, filled with interactive demonstrations, leaving attendees with ideas and solutions to position their events and brand experiences at the forefront of their respective industry.

Highlights from the Boston Imagination Lab

With the space divided into four main areas — Live Events, Exhibits, Content Design, and Emerging Tech — excited attendees from a wide range of industries viewed sessions about the newest tools, event solutions, and latest technology developments. The goal of MIG’s I-Lab is to educate and inspire our attendees by sharing our recent findings, and enhance your upcoming events and brand experiences.

Multi Image Group’s Boston Imagination Lab just wrapped up and the response was phenomenal. Event professionals from multiple industries were able to see some exclusive technological previews and learn some strategic insights about how emerging innovations are going to transform what’s possible in live events and expos of the future. Attendees also got the opportunity to put their hands on and play with some crazy cool tech and gear (e.g., holographs, bendable and two-sided LED screens, gamified AR, and motion-controlled VR). Attendees said, “It was fun, informative, and inspiring.”

Highlighted technology on display:

  • Prototyped a new control device that allows us to control a dynamic presentation using motion without a radar or touch screen.

  • Demonstrated new custom developed Ventuz system, which allows us take a client’s PowerPoint and convert it to a fully animated motion animated presentation.

  • Showcased a new way to capture and scan a person to interview and ask questions as a later time. Like in Superman when he talked to his dad.

  • Previewed RFID technology used to trigger actions and events on screens and holograms.

Featured MIG Event Work

“The value the MIG partnership brings is coordination, professionalism, and the best crew in the business.”Brandon Piersant
Senior Director, Marketing