Crafting Emotional Moments

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February is traditionally a month where valentines are exchanged and true love is proclaimed.  This may be an appropriate time to explore some of the best strategies being employed leverage emotion to win the hearts and minds.

Every organization has a set of messages and ideas that they want to convince a particular audience to believe. According to eMarketer there was approximately $177 billion dollars spent by US advertisers just last year. When it comes to live events companies spend a lot of resources, time, and energy trying to influence behavior and decisions. Learning the art of activating emotions to connect with people can be extremely valuable.

For over 35 years now Multi Image Group (MIG) has been helping companies win the hearts of their target audiences by strategically leveraging emotions. Stimulating multiple senses is key. Three highly effective tools in stirring emotion we use include: Music, Lights and Scripting.

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Hollywood knows the importance of creating an ideal soundtrack – one that moves, inspires, and sets the tone for the audience. So does MIG. We have a full audio studio in our South Florida facilities and a team of experienced audio engineers who can create the perfect sound and tone in any environment.

One of the secrets to creating emotional intensity at a live event is carefully manipulating the lighting of a stage. From colors that trigger certain emotional responses to focusing attention to creating a sense of intimacy, MIG’s experts are master painters of light to create any desired emotion.

Creating emotional responses in the audience is way more than playing energetic music, flashing lights, and getting people to clap their hands. The true art of winning hearts is the result of very calculated scripting and strategic timing of a variety of emotions: joy, surprise, celebration, motivation, anticipation, sympathy, and so much more. MIG has experienced writers, directors, and producers who can help you craft the ideal emotional experience that will assure your message is not only taken to heart, but triggers specific actions.

For example, last year MIG helped a successful pharmaceutical company launch a new health product in a large live event not by creating razzle-dazzle, but by sharing a carefully crafted tapestry of stories. The lights dimmed to focus attention.  The acoustic music swelled subtly—not calling attention to itself, but underscoring a quiet and intimate tone.  Then we filled multiple screens with the life-worn faces of real people from different walks of life telling their personal stories of struggling with a fairly common medical challenge and how it impacted their lives. Each storyteller seemed to look right into the eyes of the audience and they opened up their hearts to share their intimate and emotion filled narratives.  Suddenly, by injecting this heartfelt soul into the event it was transformed into something much more powerful, personal, and meaningful for this audience.  Meaning translates into motivation.

Well-crafted storytelling + smartly chosen technology = innovative emotional impact.
MIG would love to help you tell your heartfelt stories.

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