Corporate Presentations – It’s Time to Color Outside of the Lines

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The best speakers at any corporate level today grip an audience by telling a story and showing some slides to support it. The boldest among them do away with slides entirely.Bob Parks ( 2012 Bloomberg Business Week )

CrayonsRender copyAnd if Multi Image Group’s Chief Creative Officer, Guy Hollier may be so bold to say, “I couldn’t agree more. Presentations are the business currency of the day and PowerPoint is often the legal tender of those presentations. We exchange PowerPoint presentations like we exchange money, thumb drives and business cards. It’s unavoidable, as it’s still a strong safety zone for corporations. We have to accept that fact. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be rethinking our reliance on it.”

There are a lot of reasons corporations should explore alternatives; most of which can be summarized in bullet points, dissolves and clip art. But the primary reason is simple; people discover and consume content differently in the year 2014. It can never be overstated that mobile is part of our life. More people than ever live their lives on multiple screens. People use smartphones; tablets and computers to engage in content anywhere, and anytime.

This means event audiences are no longer enthralled by truncated, static, one- dimensional content.

Nowadays, people scan, surf and scroll. Their attention span is shorter and their expectations on graphic animations, a heck of a lot higher. They prefer to touch, swipe, click, play and pause their content. “Don’t get me wrong,” says Guy, “a great presentation is still impossible without great content, but it’s the delivery of it that has to evolve to the way people are comfortable digesting it today.” So how do you boldly take presentations where they’ve never gone before?

We’ve got a lot of crayons in our box at MIG, which when used on their own or in combination allow our clients to really push the boundaries in terms of what’s possible in presentation delivery.Guy Hollier

When asked for examples of what is possible when you color outside of the lines with a MIG crayon, Guy responds; “That’s a tough question to answer succinctly. 3D looks in a real-time environment. Extremely high resolution. Presentations that control external devices such as lighting and special stage effects. Content triggered by human movement. Pixar-level graphic animations and the ability to project the presentation on to non-traditional surfaces like a car, a stage floor, or the walls in a hotel ballroom. Essentially, anything and everything. That’s our philosophy, anyway. We dream it up and then sharpen the right crayon(s) to make it happen.

CrayonsRenderMulti Image Group is well known in the industry for living at the intersection of Creative and Technology; often beta testing new technology before it hits the marketplace, and always tinkering, tweaking, refining and modifying it in the MIG R&D facility. The end result: completely customized presentation solutions for clients who once they see what’s possible, suddenly realize there’s a lot of options to help get their point across differently, so that their audience’s eyes don’t glaze over in the middle of their speech.

“The only experience more painful than sitting through a boring presentation is giving a boring presentation,” says Guy. “If a concept is worth presenting, it’s worth presenting effectively.”

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