Discovering the Elusive Intersection of Technology & Content at InfoComm 2014

Multi Image Group Blog

InfoComm 2014 is the largest event for professional AV companies in the world, with over 950 exhibitors and more than 36,000 attendees from 110+ countries. The event features the latest in technology for audio, video, lighting, digital signage and more.

So why, might you ask, would a creative company who offers content-based solutions have a booth at InfoComm 2014, located right next to Christie Digital?

Multi Image Group Visual Designer, Josh Titus, and VP National Accounts Executive, Jim Ballentine, give us the skinny by sharing their revelations while representing MIG in a sea of AV equipment displays. Said Jim, “I felt MIG had an important purpose. InfoComm may be a conference to show off the latest in AV equipment, but we found a real desire for content, and that is the one place where MIG truly shines. Our presentations stood out because they paired the very best and latest technology with meaningful content, proving that presentation solutions are only as good as the content they’re delivering.”

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At our booth, attendees saw an array of interactive presentation delivery solutions: Creative U, an Interactive Prize Wheel Game, a Dreamoc Holographic Display, an Electric Smart Lift, 3D Glassless Screens, Touchscreen Kiosks, and more. MIG even gave away a few Apple TVs to Prize Wheel winners and our mobile app users. And for those attendees who wanted to catch any of the World Cup, we invited them to stop by and watch it streaming live on our 15-foot wide MicroTile Wall.

“We were part of a very small, unique percentile offering a service that a lot of people were looking for but not finding: content,” said Josh. “The funny thing is, I don’t think attendees even knew they were looking for it (or at least didn’t expect to find it at InfoComm), but whenever I told people that everything they were seeing on the screens were written, designed and produced by MIG, their eyes lit up. They backed away from touching the screens and actually started to pay attention to what was on them. We filled a void at that convention that I don’t think people knew was there. We got people thinking creatively and had their brains cranking on new ideas and possibilities. That’s a priceless connection with potential clients.”

All in all InfoComm 2014 was a great show, a memorable event, and reaffirmed what MIG suspected all along, that without meaningful content, smart design, and an integration of interactivity that stimulates engagement and learning, AV equipment is just that: equipment. Isn’t it time you found the perfect intersection of creativity and technology? Start your journey at the MIG Black Box Theater.