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When Disneyland Was Just an Idea

Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, Boing Boing was able to present the first-ever look at the original Disneyland prospectus. These extremely high-resolution scans were made from one of the three sets of pitch-documents Roy and Walt Disney used to raise the money to build Disneyland.

The map was reportedly drawn in 1953 – two years before the park opened – by animator Herb Ryman and Walt Disney himself.

While some of Disney’s ideas did not come to fruition, we find this fascinating for many reasons. At one point in time, Disneyland was not a place on the map, an integral part of global culture, or a clean destination where cherished family memories are made. It was simply an idea born from one man’s imagination, a vision Walt Disney once had that ultimately came to physical life and reshaped our world.

In the live events business, we share ideas with our clients in very similar ways, sometimes through words, new technology – even through a prospectus or two. And yes, finding the right medium to bring that idea to life is important in order to get others onboard and to take it from an intangible thought to a fully realized entity that lives and breathes on its own.

But what Walt’s prospectus truly reminds us of is this: be it Disneyland, a revolving stage set, an interactive 3D presentation or a theme graphic –all innovations began as an idea. All of them! Even the Universe, some say, began as an idea in the mind of its Creator.

Heck, even this post started out as an idea.

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