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MIG Event Recap

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Last week Multi Image Group (MIG) attended Event Marketer’s EVENTTech 2015 in Las Vegas to scope out and demo the latest & greatest event technologies in the industry. Some of the most innovative marketing agencies and companies across the Fortune 1000 joined together at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino to attend the world’s only conference and exposition focused on using technology and social media to optimize and enhance their live experiences.

MIG is always scouring the world looking for what’s next and how we can utilize the latest technology to create dynamic and personalized experiences for our clients and audiences around the world. Event Tech always sparks deep an interest in us.

Sophia Virtual Reality Event Tech“I learned so much more about Virtual Reality: some of the do’s, the don’ts, and the tools to make it incredibly impactful,” says Sophia Duffy, MIG Production Manager, “My biggest take-away was to have the discussion be about immersive technology, and then you can figure out together what is the right technology or medium to get your ideas across.”

Although Virtual Reality is often considered to be an insular experience, the good news is that it’s rapidly becoming more and more consumer friendly. It is a brand experience tool that is advancing the consumer’s immersion into social platforms.

The exhibition floor was filled with companies who allowed attendees to interact first hand with the technology right there inside their booth. Breakout sessions included speakers from brands like YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Under Armour, and IBM who shared a range of case studies, knowledge in best practices, latest technologies, and the industry’s newest trends & future predictions.

Event Tech 2015

Every year we discover a few items that make our eyes go wide and put a big grin on your face.Robert, Owner, MIG
“Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by all the technology you see,” said Robert Sclafani, co-owner of MIG, “But every year we discover a few items that make your eyes go wide and put a big grin on your face.”

The power of integrating innovative technology and using social media to enhance live events is changing the industry, in fact, depending on the brand – it’s expected. It can be challenging to meet those expectations while still successfully communicating a message that aligns with the brand’s culture.

MIG is at the forefront of delivering some of the most reliable, technically sophisticated and creatively crafted experiences in our industry. For 36 years, MIG has been working at the innovative intersection of creativity + technology, to strategically design and create vivid experiences that inspire very specific actions in our client’s target audience.Event Tech 2015

Event Tech 2015

Thumbs up! We’re already looking forward to next year’s show!