Multi Image Group Dallas Imagination Lab 2018

Highlights From Dallas Imagination Lab 2018

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Multi Image Group’s Imagination Lab just wrapped up and the response was phenomenal. Event professionals from multiple industries in the Dallas area gained strategic insights on emerging innovations that are going to transform what’s possible in live events and expos of the future. Attendees also got the opportunity to put their hands on and play with some crazy cool tech and gear. Attendees said, “It was fun, informative, and inspiring.”

With the space divided into four main areas — Live Events, Exhibits, Content Design, and Emerging Tech — excited attendees from a wide range of industries viewed sessions about the newest tools, event solutions, and latest technology developments. The goal of MIG’s I-Lab is to educate and inspire our attendees by sharing our recent findings, and enhance your upcoming events and brand experiences.

Multi Image Group’s Imagination Lab presents the industry’s most cutting-edge event technology developments, filled with interactive demonstrations, leaving attendees with ideas and solutions to position their events and brand experiences at the forefront of their respective industry.

Highlighted technology on display:

  • Vive Pro Headset by HTC

    Professional grade VR headset to deliver out of this world experiences at events and expos.

  • VR Projection Sphere by Global Imagination

    Display interactive touch screen content without VR glasses in a sphere. Attract people to your brand with this VR Projection Sphere – a showstopper piece to showcase in your expo or booth.

  • RFID & AI Technology

    Harness data with RFID technology and gather analytics about attendees & expo experiences with AI.

  • Short Throw Projector by Panasonic

    Laser projection in 10K that delivers a 10-foot image on a wall from just only 2 feet away, for an up-close and personalized experience.

  • Media Players by Disguise

    A new way to display super customizable content on ultrawide screens. A powerful visualization tool, where you can create all of your screen content – all of your powerpoints and video – literally everything, which can then be previewed before you get to show. Imagine getting an entire visualization pre show, with a 3D stage and presets, and then getting to showsite and run it.

Featured MIG Event Work

“We needed to create a big splash, but be smart in how we did it. It was really important to us to have somebody to work with and trust implicitly, to not only execute in a very good way, so that everyone who comes here feels like it’s being done for the first time, just for them.”Rob Simpson
Director, Brand and Marketing Development
Volvo Trucks North America