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Innovation doesn’t just happen…

Although it sometimes appears to be magic, those spectacular “wow” moments in live events and audience encounters are very carefully crafted and tested way before the public ever sees them.

The pathway that Multi Image Group (MIG) follows is long and rewarding. These innovations are found at the crossroads at Creativity + Technology.

Our philosophy is simple: if we are going to offer our clients the most innovative solutions, we need to be proactive in seeking out the very latest ideas and rigorously test and evaluate them so they are refined before being seen by the public. We make the investment in this process so that you don’t have to.15-01001_0785

It begins with MIG’s R&D (Re-Imagine and Design) Team traveling around the world to some of the largest and more specialized technology tradeshows and exhibits to meet with the smartest and most creative inventors and technologists to learn about their latest work. We create collaborative relationships with these people and companies so that we can always be a part of the process. In many cases, we are among the first companies on the planet to get our hands on the newest idea or piece of equipment. We become preferred vendors and often able to beta test equipment before anyone else even hears about it.

Once we get our hands on something new, we don’t bring it directly to our clients. We test it internally in our MIG Innovation Labs. These tests are extensive. We push and prod and play with the possibilities. We learn what the extreme parameters are. We experiment with unexpected ways of using the technology and report it back to those collaborative partners. It is the MIG team’s creativity and technological-know-how that really creates the most significant innovative breakthroughs.

Morinda 15-02005_0595 Cropped

For example, in a recent show for the successful direct selling organization Morinda, in the prestigious Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, MIG utilized a brand new digital video switching system. Its serial number was 0002 – meaning this was only the second of these units available on the marketplace. MIG had been beta testing this in our Innovation Lab for months and we were the first to use it in this sort of high-level production. It worked as the MIG team envisioned and has already opened up even more opportunities for Multi Image Group to create magical and memorable moments for our clients around the world.