April Fool's Day 2017


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Speculations of Multi Image Group Having a Time Machine

Multi Image Group (MIG), the creative live event production company based in Boca Raton, Florida, denied reports today that they have made a breakthrough in a new technology that allows them to slow time down (or in some cases, even stop time temporarily).

“I’ll be completely transparent about this,” said co-owner Robert Sclafani, “we absolutely do not own or have a ‘time machine’ in our possession.” “Those claims are absurd. The very idea that MIG R&D’s genius, Gabe Rojas, IT alchemist Douglas Arnett, and whiz-kid programmer, Zac Burke, developed a device that can create a temporal pulse that brings all the molecules in a 500-yard radius into a chrono-flux, thereby creating a temporary atomic particle para-stasis wherein time can pass at a much slower rate for periods measuring up to three to four hours is utterly ridiculous.”

Despite the denials, there have been continued reports about MIG’s teams loading in massive amounts of AV gear into a variety of venues across the U.S. (and several other countries) in what seems like impossible time parameters and still being able to pull off a flawless execution. Also, in the last few weeks, graphics, animations, videos, signage, scriptwriting, production designs and more have been created, rendered, and delivered way ahead of schedule again and again.

“No one can be that efficient or work that fast and still create such high-quality work! It’s just not possible!” said an anonymous CEO of a large rival international production company, “They’ve got to be hiding something. If they have access to a time machine, then they need to be sharing it. It’s an unfair marketplace advantage!”

When asked if MIG now has the ability to go back in time to correct a mistake a CEO may have made on stage, co-owner Regina O’Neil just smiled and said, “No comment.”

Adding fuel to the fire, there have been numerous reports of co-owner, JV Sclafani somehow being able to quickly transport around MIG’s 90,000 sq. ft. offices, at speeds that don’t seem humanly possible on some kind of futuristic-looking transportation device while-singing various employees names.

In the meantime, NASA, the NSA, the National Bureau of Standards are all discussing the possibility of sending investigators to inquire how MIG has been able to accomplish such high-quality final results on behalf of their clients under what seem to be irrefutably challenging circumstances.

The world can only assume that there’s a good reason this amazing announcement is coming on April Fools Day…