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MIG Production Intern, Brooke D’Avanzo asked 8 MIG employees with all different backgrounds in the event industry to elaborate on the direction that they think events are headed in the future.

Q: How do you think events are going to evolve in the future for this industry?

Angel Resto

Creative Director

I’ve noticed a trend in the past 2 or 3 years in that people are actually embracing disguise. It’s like when you have to give a kid medicine, you disguise it. Now these corporate events are becoming more and more like regular events [and not so corporate]. They realize that their audience is exposed to so many things now ‘a days, they know that they need to upgrade their game. So these corporate-ridged events are slowly but surely mutating into things that don’t look, feel or sound as corporate. They integrate experiential stuff, getting people to interact with the brand and learn through touching and experiencing other than looking at a PowerPoint. Well, that’s awesome.

Sophia Duffy

Production Manager

I don’t think the event industry has hit its peak. As long as companies are growing, people will want to feel connected. By having events – big or small – employees feel included and part of the group. As far as a trend in the industry, I can see using your iPhones and iPads even more. ‘Connecting the other screen’, which has already become a trend, is only going to happen more. It’s being used for audience response, check-in’s, content distribution, etc. Twitter use will increase as the younger demographic becomes the new corporate America. The people currently attending these events are around 30-50 years old, primarily Gen X. Whatever the next “Instagram” is will be the next tool in meetings.

Joshua Titus

Graphics Artist

They’ll [events] become more hands on. They will become less sitting in a crowd and staring at a stage and more points of interests. More focus points, rather than everyone just facing forward looking at a stage. More engagement through technology.

Norm Freitag

Senior Video Director

Even in our world of Skype and video conferencing, people still like to get together. Like when people thought that the VCR was going to ruin the movie industry, people just want to get out of the house. That’s never going to change. I think there is going to be more media-driven content. People are going to use media to tell their thoughts, concepts and ideas. Whether it gets into holograms, or 3D graphics… I think that as technology improves, the intercommunication will get closer.

Daniel Sclafani

Associate Producer

I just think there will be new pieces of technology that will make things easier. For example, the removal of a cameraman because you have a new technology that connects to the collar of a presenter. In a nutshell, smart technology will eventually be replacing human error.

Drew Bosarge

Director of Photography

Events will be staying on the cusp of technology. We do a pretty good job at that. Actually, watch the TV show, ‘The Voice’. ‘The Voice’ has the most up-to-date technology, some of which we use here at MIG. The best in the world of production right there.

Serita Gaskin

Production Scheduling Coordinator

Personally, I think it would be cool to see MIG enter more into the entertainment sector. Advertising and the video side of things is such a strong point for us, so why not take advantage of that? Branching off and becoming a bigger MIG. We have all the talent. That’s what I would like to see happen in the future for all events.

Leslie Corley

Production Coordinator

Everything is very tech-savvy these days; immediacy is everything. Personally, I’m a big mobile app person. I think they’re genius and the future is going to be less paper trails and more electronic by means of apps.

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