MIG’s I-Lab Wows the Windy City

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Attendees flew through city skyscrapers. They drove an invisible truck. They took a ride through a human brain… all at MIG’s Chicago Imagination Lab.Barry Ross Rinehart, Executive Creative Director

The goal of MIG’s Imagination Lab is to share the latest tools, technologies, and tactics that Multi Image Group has been discovering and deploying worldwide in hotel ballrooms, expos, stadiums, and intimate C-level meeting spaces across different industries. MIG’s I-Lab welcomed event professionals, meeting planners, and corporate executives of Fortune 500 brands to Chicago’s Loft on Lake on July 26-27, where attendees entered the venue space that was fully-transformed to educate and inspire attendees into connecting with their brand’s target audience.

The space was divided into 5 main areas of concentration:

The Imagination Lab Theater

Attendees learned the science behind unforgettable events, and experienced today’s fringe technologies that will become tomorrow’s inimitable experiences. MIG shared how these emerging tech trends will change the face of the event production industry.

Live Events

Where attendees got to explore instances of MIG’s technical know-how and live extravaganzas in meeting spaces of all sizes. From wow-inducing set designs to robotic lighting systems to the vacuum-formed custom scenic panels, to the 3D image mapping used in either pre-visualization models or final set pieces.


I-Lab Exhibits attendees explored a variety of experiential “attracters,” such as: Gamification, zSpace VR, Dreamoc Hologram Displays, and The BeamPro to name a few. We also shared exhibit design features with an up-close look at the environmentally-friendly BeMatrix system allowing quick-to-design booth builds and set structures. MIG experts shared best practices in designing exhibit experiences using interactive technology sure to engage expo members – all while tracking foot-traffic and capturing important data for post-analytics.

Content Design

Where attendees got to see MIG’s wide range of 3D animation, graphical theme elements, dynamic video content, and some enticing and entertaining gamification engagements.

New Realities

Attendees experienced a variety of Augmented Reality (e.g., the Microsoft HoloLens), Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, motion-simulator rides, and more), 360˙ videos, and more.

MIG was even able to offer Chicago attendees some of the exclusive premieres of new technological innovations.

I-Lab attendees especially enjoyed the hands-on demonstrations of emerging technologies that they could experience for themselves. Throughout the space, MIG team members were available to share insights surrounding the various tech specialties, along with strategic and innovative ways these tools can be utilized. 

One example on display, directly from Japan, was the Sony Xperia Touch: a portable projector that transforms any flat surface into a dynamic, interactive touchscreen.

There was also a hands-on display of the mesmerizing new AmFlex LED Technology: flexible, ultra-slim LED screens that can be wrapped around nearly any shape and size, bringing endless possibilities to MIG’s designers. 

And, probably the biggest attraction of all – the multi-sensory Birdly Virtual Reality, by Somniacs: a full-body flying simulator ride that 
created an extremely vivid experience for attendees as they flapped their wings over the NYC skyline. A VR experience so real that users instantly forget the mechanics and computer codes behind the spectacular apparatus.

In addition to live demos, MIG’s Creative team led discussions surrounding the science behind unforgettable experiences, as well as the latest in meeting and trade show developments and how today’s fringe technologies are shaping tomorrow’s inimitable experiences. We’re re-imagining how emerging tech trends will change the face of the event production industry.

Multi Image Group also developed a custom-designed RFID check-in system using wristbands (with in-house 3D-printed readers and display screens) to allow attendees to request more information about any particular piece of technology that captured their interest.

All in all, each attendee left with their imaginations expanded just a little bit more at what’s possible and what’s next in creating experiences that their target audience’s brains will never be able to forget. The reaction to the Multi Image Group Imagination Lab in Chicago was overwhelmingly positive, and we thank all who attended and participated. 

Quick Recap Video –
Highlights from MIG’s Chicago I-Lab


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