MIG’s I-Lab: Next Stop Chicago

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We expect that experience design will become as much a business art as product design and process design are today.Harvard Business Review

PRWeb.com | Chicago, IL | June 2017

Always at the forefront, event production company Multi Image Group (MIG) is set to share the latest innovations and developments reinventing how attendees experience events. Over 200 event professionals from companies expanding across multiple industries have been exclusively invited to attend the July 26-27 event, which is taking over one of Chicago’s premiere venues, Loft on Lake. While only a limited number of companies have the opportunity to attend, all confirmed attendees are welcomed at no cost. Request a meeting time now before capacity is reached.

The I-Lab will feature hands-on experience with MIG’s latest event technology, discussions on meeting trends, new buzz in what’s emerging, and a glimpse into the future of live events. Attendees will hear from MIG’s Executive Creative Director, Barry Rinehart, who is especially excited to present to Chicago’s eclectic marketplace — “MIG’s I-Lab is an amazing opportunity for future-thinking event professionals to network, learn, and engage with new technologies, innovative developments and understand the science of unforgettable experiences,” says Rinehart.

This exclusive, limited engagement event will leave attendees filled with new tips, tricks, and tools to spark inspiration in re-imagining their next event, exhibit, or brand experience into something that will be unforgettable.

“As we’ve become increasingly aware, we’re now living in an ‘Experience Economy.’ Attendees no longer want to be mere passive observers. They expect to be fully immersed in experiences, preferably rich and compelling ones,” said MIG Owner, Robert Sclafani. It’s a whole new ballgame out there, not just for attendees but for organizers, producers, and sponsors. MIG’s I-Lab will be showcasing technology and sharing developments that have the ability to increase audience engagement, embrace event analytics, all while enhancing the overall brand experience.” Some of the shiny toys that MIG’s I-Lab attendees can expect to play with include: full-body simulation experiences via robotics & VR technology, flexible LED screens, interactive-design presentation softwares, holographic displays, zSpace mixed reality technology, and much more.
“MIG’s I-Lab is an amazing opportunity for future-thinking event professionals to network, learn, and engage with new technologies, developments and the science of unforgettable experiences.”Barry Rinehart
MIG Executive Creative Director

For more than three decades, MIG has been at the unique intersection of Creativity + Technology, integrating live and online experiences, digital and social media, and branded immersive environments that inform, inspire and ignite.

July 26-27 is just around the corner. With only a limited amount of time slots available for private presentations, time is running out. For those interested in attending the MIG Imagination Lab, or more information on what to expect, please request a presentation time here or contact marketing@mig.cc.