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Multi Image Group & AV Rental Depot Make Their Holographic Mark at InfoComm 2016

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InfoComm is the largest, most exciting event in the Western Hemisphere focused on the pro-AV industry — MIG & AVRD were there to share in the excitement.

Multi Image Group and AV Rental Depot (rental & sales division of MIG) were on the tradeshow floor together — excitedly sharing the latest innovations shifting the ways companies connect with their audiences. Thought-inducing technologies like the Dreamoc XL2, HD3 and Pop3 holographic displays bringing content to life in 3D, the TLCD Refrigerator, a cool evolution in product displays, and the Hype Box, a multi-sensory experience that pairs a tangible product with digital content.

Booth Highlights

We thought our booth was pretty cool and as it turns out, attendees did too! According to Jesus Parra, Account Manager for AV Rental Depot, “Attendees loved our holographic displays. These were literally a traffic stopper and caught the attention (and imagination) of those looking for cool and different technologies to tell home about. They were also psyched to hear we could offer turnkey technologies (both rentals and for sale) for everything from video conferencing, to museum installations, to content delivery and education. In other words, it gave us a great opportunity for people to see and experience technology they’ve either never heard about, or had only heard about and never tried.”

“A lot of creative consultants came by looking for innovative technology to enhance their projects…Sunny Lee, Client Communications Manager, MIG

When asked what type of attendees stopped by the booth and why, MIG’s Client Communications Manager, Sunny Lee said, “A lot of creative consultants came by looking for innovative technology to enhance their projects, as did Museum Managers who were looking for new and interesting ways to enhance their museum exhibitions.”

Show Highlights

InfoComm Sony LED Crystal Now although our booth caused quite a technology stir, that’s not to say our minds weren’t blown by some of the innovations we saw at InfoComm. For example, take the new LED technology from Sony. It’s called Crystal LED – and it has a viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees, allowing you to stand off to the side and still see the imagery from a straight-on perspective. Essentially it’s 3 LED’s in the space of one 1.2mm LED. We were told it will soon replace projection in movie theaters and it may very well replace LED technology as we know it today!

Until InfoComm 2017 – that’s a wrap for now, sprinkled in innovation!