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Get Ready for Your New Screen Experience. 2017 Digital Signage Expo [Full Report].

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The 2017 Digital Signage Expo was the place to Experience, Engage, and Evolve in the world of display technologies.

From new touch screens systems and LED screens to bendable OLED and paintable projection film, it is apparent that if you want to put a video screen on anything, there is a solution out there for you. Let’s boil down the essentials to the latest and the greatest tech solutions for your next stellar experience.

Touch Screens

Capacitive touch systems are making a big splash and becoming the new standard in touch interactivity. These systems operate much like the smartphone you are likely reading this article on right now. Rather than using an infrared (IR) wrap around the frame, these capacitive systems detect touch points upon the surface of the screen. 3M had a massive 65” capacitive touch screen table which attracted people. Elo’s complete lineup also features capacitive touch screens from 12 to 55 inches. The responsiveness of these new systems is impressive, and the price point has dropped significantly too.

LED Screens

All the major players launched their new LED screens and large LED video wall solutions at DSE. The name of the game is pixel pitch, that is to say, the smallest gap between LED elements, thus increasing the resolution. The battle for the tightest pixel pitch is officially on. 1.4mm, 1.2mm, 1.0mm with the winner being Planar at a shockingly impressive 0.9 mm screen.

While Samsung, LG, and Philips all had impressive systems as well, it was a little company called CLEARLED that caught our eye.

Their solution allows for an unlimited size 3mm screen that is seemingly transparent when not active. It’s curve-able and lightweight, and that means it’s awesome for just about any application. While it may not be the highest resolution, the applications are endless.

New OLED Solutions and Holograms

  • By far the most impressive technology was found at LG’s booth. Their new OLED technology is both breathtaking and flexible. LG introduced three new screen solutions, all based on their OLED technology. The first screen is a dual sided, zero bezel system that can be hung or placed on a stand. Their next solution was a myriad of tower displays, some as high as twelve feet tall by one foot wide. LG has managed to craft a solution that flexes to create a concaved or convexed surface. Although this flexible system is not yet readily available, the other OLED screens are ready for integration.
  • Another standout technology at this year’s DSE Expo was the holographic systems. Newcomer, ASKA3D, takes home the prize for most innovative new technology. While the base technology is nothing new, it’s the interactivity that makes it truly remarkable. This new system allows users to manipulate 3D holographic objects floating in space. The ASKA3D system comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. It also uses a customized software solution based upon a Microsoft Kinect camera. The entire package feels polished and unique. Keep an eye out for ASKA3D.

Paintable Projection Film and 3D without glasses

Even though DSE was dominated by LED screens, new projection solutions are still out there. A product called S-Paint allows for painting a projection screen directly onto glass.

Customized shapes can be painted onto glass and projected upon from front or rear applications.

Exceptional 3D introduced its newest 3D screen, and you don’t even have to wear glasses! Their new 4K screen has taken “glasses-less 3D” to the next level. The improved resolution means there are less transition points and a more immersive 3D experience. I love this product for creating unique window displays or expo attractors.

Analytic and Support Systems

With all the new technologies coming to market, that means lots of eyes looking at your branded messages and experiences. So how do you know if audiences like your message? That’s where a company called AD Mobilize comes in. Their custom designed software and hardware will track viewers’ faces and analyze their emotional engagement by tracking their expressions and dwell time, creating a real-time report that can provide feedback to you. I love this technology because it can be used to refine a screen experience and provide clients with information ranging from age and gender data to satisfaction reports.

There were a variety of new screen support systems to improve integration into spaces. Long gone are the days of flat video walls, the market has pushed companies like Premier Mounts to engineer large format mounting solutions, that can be serviced and are both flexible and innovative. Their new bracketing supports take up less space and provide better structural support for a myriad of display systems.

As I sit in McCarren International airport awaiting my redeye back to Multi Image Group (MIG) HQ, I’m reminded of how fast technology evolves, producing new opportunities and challenges. These new digital screen solutions are making waves and growing the display experience to new levels. With so many choices out there, you’re going to need a partner that understands the benefits of each system and can recommend a solution that is best for your next project. That’s where we come in. At Multi Image Group, we are the masters of blending Creativity + Technology. We venture out to shows like DSE, SXSW, Siggraph, and others to see these products first hand and work in close collaboration with you and our vendor partners to create unique and branded experiences. We don’t just engineer the solution; we design custom content, with a wide variety of capabilities, including interactive, video, and much more. All of which come together to get you noticed. Thank you for reading. Until next time…have a stellar day!

-Jeffrey Pete Rose Poe

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