One Look Is Worth a Thousand Words in this Digital Age

Multi Image Group Blog

At Multi Image Group, we know the power of images . . . especially intelligently crafted, perfectly composed, and artistic and evocative images.

When Frederick R. Barnard wrote “one look is worth a thousand words” as his title for a branding piece in Printer’s Ink magazine in 1921, he wasn’t too far off the mark. The brain processes images sixty times quicker than words, and forty percent of people respond better to images than they do to plain text. Therefore, a major component of any business’s marketing strategy must be photography – specifically, how can you leverage images to deliver the message you want to your customers.

Simply put, stock photos will not do the trick. They may tell a story, but it’s not your story. Any person who has spent time on the Internet will be able to identify a stock image quite easily. They are boring and will only hinder your chances of engaging the customer. In order to truly gain the attention of the individual reviewing your ad or presentation, you’ll need exciting, provocative images that clearly tell your story.

This is where Multi Image Group can help. We know the art and science of creating the perfect image, and our team of talented film, video and digital image makers will work with you to create the ideal imagery to complement your brand and visual marketing campaign.


What Can You Expect When Working with MIG?

  • Five digital editing suites
  • An audio recording and mixing studio
  • Seasoned Photographers for Onsite, Offsite, and Drone Aerial Shoots
  • Full 35’ x 30’ Cyclorama
  • Two 8’ Wide Entrances Including A Concrete Ramp for Vehicles or Large Products
  • 30’ x 40’ Adjustable Pantograph Grid
  • Tungsten/Daylight Balanced Lighting
  • Wide array of the very latest digital video camera systems
  • And so much more!

We will help you find the innovation at the intersection of creativity and technology to deliver unique, engaging images that will help you convey your brand’s spirit and your product’s full potential.