What Do Thomas Jefferson and MIG Have in Common?

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What do Thomas Jefferson and MIG have in common?

They both have a passion for innovative technology.

A lot of people don’t realize that Thomas Jefferson was sort of the Steve Jobs of his day . . . he was constantly innovating new ways to do some everyday tasks.


For example did you know that he helped bring about the following innovations?

  • The first “copying machine” he called a polygraph that allowed a second copy of a handwritten note to be made as he was writing
  • A macaroni extracting machine (which led to him creating the first ever macaroni and cheese)
  • A hideaway bed
  • A pedometer
  • A spherical sundial
  • A dumbwaiter for wine bottles
  • A revolving bookstand

And so much more.


The "Polygraph" Copying Machine

The “Polygraph” Copying Machine

Thomas Jefferson looked at the world and said, how can we make it better. This is very parallel to what MIG does. We look at live events and think, how can we make this a stronger experience for our client’s audiences?

We seek out, test, play with, and innovate new ways to communicate, tell stories, display images and messages, and make ideas come alive.

So, Thomas Jefferson, as we celebrate your birthday this month of April, we salute you!