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Determining whether or not to label your meeting is the question all meeting planners ask themselves when in the initial planning stages. And for good reason! A meeting theme is a smart way to tie everything together (it’s the hook to hang your hat on, the creative thread line) – from pre and post-event communication; to signage and presentation templates; to entertainment and digital media; and every meeting experience in between.

More importantly, a theme is a powerful way to propel the action you want attendees to take, the emotion you want them to feel and the information you want them to learn and digest… long after the curtain closes.

At Multi Image Group, we believe in the power of the theme. This is not to say an event has to have a tagline and a matching theme graphic; a theme can also be strictly conceptual by functioning as an overarching approach, minus the catchy slogan.

So how do you decide whether or not to theme? MIG suggests considering a few things:

• Does the meeting lend itself to a theme? Will your meeting have a lot of content to divulge? Will it include colors, words and concepts, or is it only about the numbers?

• Do you have time? Coming up with a truly unique and inspiring theme and meeting experiences/elements that connect to that theme takes time, research and much thought.

• Your theme should be abstract, broad and open to interpretation – this will leave room for a wide range of meeting experiences. Think of it like a metaphor.

• When you’ve decided on a theme – does it sit well with your company’s brand?

• Is the theme relevant? Current? Will it resonate with a female and male audience? Will it connect to the age demographic? Consider the mindset of your target audience.

The following are just a few things to think about when pondering whether to theme or not to theme your next event. I hope you enjoyed the “theme” of this piece!