MIG’s Imagination Lab is an invitation to experience some breakthrough technology transforming the live event, expo, and experiential marketing industry. Our custom tactics, ideas, and game changing innovations are providing marketing solutions for top companies around the world. Check out which cities MIG’s iLab has been to recently and where it’s traveling next!

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Discover what’s possible. Discover what’s next. Discover your company’s potential by creating a new reality. It’s Time for Innovative Storytelling in the Digital Age.

Multi Image Group travels the world to discover, test, and source the newest and most rewarding event solutions that will make your engagements and presentations come to life! Our goal is to find those tools, technologies, and techniques that will wow-audiences and make the brand you’re representing shine!

The MIG I-Lab is a hands-on, interactive, fun, thought-provoking presentation that will open your eyes to new trends and new possibilities.

The innovative ideas and strategies MIG will show you will help you rethink what’s possible. You’ll see tools like our interactive virtual holographic object manipulator, cutting-edge 360˙ video systems, interactive non-linear broadcast level presentation software, and many other unexpected multi-sensory activations.

These insights and innovations will not only give your company a strategic advantage, but will make your next live event or experience unforgettable!

Curious What to Expect?

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