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September 25, 2015
Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel: Renaissance Ballroom

4100 Main at North Hills Street
North Carolina 27609
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Forbes magazine ranked Raleigh, North Carolina as the #1 best business climate in America and that’s why Multi Image Group (MIG) was thrilled to include it as a stop on its’ national Innovation Lab tour. Business professionals across America have already experienced the powerful insights from MIG’s breakthrough presentations and live event technology being presented by Chief Creative Officer, Guy Hollier, and Creative Director, Angel Resto, at these Innovation Labs. Everyone appreciates the opportunity to touch, demonstrate for themselves, and experience the attention-grabbing potential of some of these latest tools, technology and tactics being discovered around the world in which MIG has become the exclusive agent for. What you will see has not yet been introduced to the US market. And the scope of this experiential installation is beyond what can ever be brought to a typical capabilities presentation.

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“Behind every successful event or experience is a powerful, mind-changing idea. And behind this idea is a smart and innovative thinker. That’s why MIG’s philosophy is and always has been to hire people that push the creative and strategic envelope. MIG’s Chief Creative Officer, Guy Hollier, and one of our top Creative Directors, Angel Resto, are a perfect example of our philosophy in motion. And I am proud to say that Guy and Angel are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the talent that exists here at MIG.”Robert Sclafani, Owner

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Times change.
We must evolve conceptually.
Now more than ever, it’s time for storytelling in the digital age.

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Schedule at a Glance

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September 25, 2015

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8:00-9:15am – Meeting 1
9:45-11:00am – Meeting 2
11:30-12:45pm – Meeting 3
1:15-2:30pm – Meeting 4
3:00-4:15pm – Meeting 5
4:45-6:30pm – Meeting 6 – Happy Hour Reception

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Interested in Attending MIG’s Future Innovation Labs?

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