Apps & Gamification

Let your audience touch, play and explore your brand through multisensory experiences driven by the latest interactive and gaming technology personalized by MIG.

Make it Hands-On

Live Action, Special Effects
& Motion Graphics

From storyboarding to live action filming to post-production special effects, our video production team pushes the creative boundaries both in-house and on-location to help share your story in unlimited ways.

Push Boundaries

Sound Design
& Custom Music

50% of picture is sound. Make all your moments resonate, rock, and remain memorable​ with our custom compositions and thoughtfully orchestrated playlists to create an emotional connection or dramatic effect.

Make Moments Sing

Virtual, Augmented
& Mixed Realities

Engage in all realities – augmented, virtual, and mixed – and get audiences all in with 360 video​. Transport, alter perceptions, ignite empathy and deepen knowledge through other-worldly technologies personalized to fit your audience and mission by MIG.

Keep it Real