We build stages and architect spaces designed to support your messaging and provide the perfect platform for presenters. We also believe in “try before your buy” via photo-realistic 3D computer modeling and fly-throughs that let you see all angles of the virtual stage for smarter collaboration (and cost savings).

Scenic Design

Elevate your event with scenic that frames, amplifies, and wows audiences from walk-in time to curtain call. MIG offers world-renowned stage designer to empower our clients with a competitive advantage for their upcoming events. Your stage is what your audience remembers, and you want it to stand out. MIG can make it happen.

3D Rendering & Fly-throughs

Now you can try MIG’s custom-designed scenic designs before you buy with photo-realistic 3D walk-throughs. MIG’s 3D renders and fly-throughs allow you to see the stage in full 360, invite collaboration and feedback, and share it with your event planning team for review, input and approval.