You’ve got your destination. You’ve got your venue. Now, it’s time to partner with MIG’s strategic technical directors to get the support you deserve to lock down logistics to your advantage.

Some of the venue logistics we help our clients with include:

  • Event Site Selection to find the best environment to best share your brand story

  • Contract Negotiation to make smart choices that deliver the highest ROI

  • CAD Space Planning so every seat is the best seat in the house

  • Load-In and Strike so we have enough time to load-in, build, and load out your show

  • Power so no one misses a beat of the action

  • Labor so all the right hands are on deck

  • Internet Access to keep it all connected

  • Rigging to create 360 immersive experiences

  • Technology Integration so you can engage audiences with projection mapping, LED screens, laser lighting, holograms, VR/AR, SF/X, and surround sound

  • Strategic Ideation and Expertise