Audio Production Services

At Multi Image Group, we believe that sound has the power to increase brand recognition, influence mood, and drive behavior. And that’s not just talk. Our in-house Audio Production Suite has everything our engineers need to record, compose, and edit sounds to create a high-definition soundtrack that has a profound effect on all senses. Learn about each of MIG Studios’ audio production services below.

  • Audio Suite 2
  • Audio Suite 4
  • MIG Audio Suite
  • Audio Suite 3
  • MIG Audio Suite
  • MIG Audio Suite

Digital Audio Mixing

Our full Pro Tools Suite is ready for mixing 5.1 surround or stereo mixes.

Radio Commercials

MIG has 36 years of experience producing market-friendly promos for your business.

Multi-Track Audio

MIG has the ability to add layers of SFX, Voice Overs, and Custom Music to your video or audio commercial.

Audio Sweetening

Our talented audio engineers utilize a wide array of plugin packs to create that perfect-sounding mix and master.

Original Music & Custom Soundtracks

MIG has 36 years of experience creating the perfect original compositions to fit the tone and feel of your next promotional piece.

Licensed Music Library

Our library has over 50,000 songs from every genre to pick from at a moment’s notice.


We have a state-of-the-art ISO booth equipped with Tube and Solid State Preamps, so we can provide our clients with the best sound quality possible.