Sound Stage – Videography – Photography

MIG Studios is fully equipped with full 35′ by 30′ cyclorama, soundproof studio to meet a multitude of production needs. Whether your production is a commercial, corporate video, music video or television interstitials, our South Florida studios have the tools and talent you need. In addition, our state-of-the-art AVID Edit Suites and Audio suites afford you the convenience and luxury of going directly from shoot to edit.

Cyclorama Video Studio

Our 30×35 cyc-wall is large enough to fit a car or two in to the picture! Pick your color or use our standard white.

4K Videography & Beyond

MIG has the latest in professional video gear. If you need your production shot in HD, UHD, 4K or beyond, we are ready for you.

On-Location Video Production

The same great gear we have in the studio can travel with us on the road. Wherever you need to take us, we have you covered.

Aerial Drone Videography

4k footage shot from above will really make your next video stand out. Safety is #1 with us and our drones are designed to stay within all FAA safe limits.


From micro to macro product shots to striking personal portraits to customized PhotoShop effects, our talented team is ready to help you look your best.

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Finding the right studio is no easy task, so we’ve done our best to fulfill a myriad of shooting requirements.

Check us out!

  • Fully Equipped

    30′ x 40′ adjustable grid with Pantograph Rail System and Videssence cyc lights; nominal height 15′

    4 Cineo Lights; DMX controlled

    6 Arri L7C LED soft lights; DMX controlled

    All lights are Tungsten/Daylight Controlled

    Two 8′ wide entrances including a concrete ramp for larger vehicles or larger products

  • Creative Team

    Our staff of experienced professionals will help facilitate every phase of your production. MIG Studios can provide you with crew members to fulfill the following needs:
    1) Camera Operators
    2) Audio Engineers
    3) Make-up Artists
    4) Hair Stylists
    5) Craft Services
    6) Teleprompter
    MIG Studios can assist you in the creative process from Concept Development to Final Editorial. We are staffed with seasoned & award-winning crew who can bring your vision to life:
    1) Directors
    2) Producers
    3) Editors
    4) Writers

  • Additional Gear

    4 Grass Valley 2/3 studio cameras with Fujinon lenses. All are on Vinten pedestals with steering/crab bases and booming capabilities. They are accompanied by Vinten’s robotic heads for remote control and full camera control and Autoscript on camera teleprompters.

    Sony F55 (4k)
    Sony F3
    Canon C100
    Sony Z7U
    Sony 355 (On Jib)

  • Studio Rental

    Jands Hog DMX controlled lighting board

    4 DMX repeaters in the lighting grid

    200 amp distro plus 150 amp wall service

    SoCo runs in tech grid with 110v Edison fan-outs and 201v service

    Pantograph Rail System allows for little or no ground-supported lighting. This greatly enhances jib and dolly use.

    XLR runs in the grid and pantographs for ground-free microphone

    Our 30×35 cyc wall is large enough to fit a car or two. Choose a custom background color or use our standard white