HD Broadcast + Corporate Video Production

Multi Image Group has been engaged on several cutting-edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360° Video projects that allow us to take audiences into a completely immersive environment and bring brands alive like never before.

MIG offers full-service script-to-screen video production and post-production services for corporate, broadcast and film – all out of our fully equipped digital video and audio studios that include: five digital online suites, a sound stage, and audio suites. However, we realize that’s a pretty broad description. Over the years we’ve tackled creating just about every kind of content and project you could imagine, not just producing in the Florida area but all over the world.  So, if you need a striking image piece, a eye-ball grabbing commercial, a thrilling opening sequence, a funny music video, or something else . . . let MIG help.
Hands-On, Human-Centered Platforms for Marketing Content Across All Industries

Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° Video

VR is a vivid 360˙ world (created in video, graphics, or a combination of both) designed to be viewed wearing some sort of headset (e.g., Oculus Rift, Samsung VR Gear, or Google Cardboard), by moving around on a mobile device or computer screen, and it can even be projected around an audience on surrounding screens or even within a geodesic dome. These immersive 2D or 3D presentations with their surrounding, and potentially interactive, visuals can create an unforgettable visceral experience with your brand, message, or story for your target audience. MIG can create completely animated virtual worlds that can be filled with any visual elements you desire. We can also record live events or people on location using a 360 camera array to allow people to experience real life moments in a manner that lets the audience look around at any element they want during the experience.
  • 360˙ Audio/Visual Brand Immersion

  • Significantly Higher Knowledge Retention via Multi-sensual Learning Content

  • Interactive Training & Product Exploration

  • Experience Sharing (pre, during, & post live events)

  • Affordable & Custom VR Conceptualizing, Creation, and Deployment

As a more cost effective solution, these cardboard goggles can work with attendees personal smartphones by downloading a custom app.

Augmented Reality (AR)

360 Virtual Reality at NAB ShowAR creates a layer of graphical, or video content over real environment using any sort of mobile device (think PokemonGo). It is an excellent and innovative way to provide better training and educational environments using interactive technology. It’s also fresh, fun, and interactive way to have an audience of any size explore and retain your brand message. MIG’s Augmented Reality design services can help you create a winning AR strategy and experience to add layers of imagination and content to your world.

  • Brand Engagement via AR

  • Enhancing Experiential & EXPO Activations

  • Attention-Grabbing Interactive Presentations

  • Interactive Training on Real Products

  • Multi-Sensory Learning With Stronger Rention