July 27, 2023

MIG Gives the Gift of Life

Multi Image Group shared the love and power to save lives with the help of OneBlood.

February is a special month. National Heart Month, Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day are celebrations and remembrances that are shared experiences with family, friends, colleagues, community, and sometimes those we have yet to meet. They all have a common denominator – love. As human beings, we have an innate purpose of sharing love.

In light of this sentiment, Multi Image Group shared the love and the gift of life by holding a blood drive, in collaboration with OneBlood. A local not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community asset, their mission is to provide safe, available, and affordable blood to those in need. As a company, we actively offer a lending hand to fellow team members. We wanted to extend this gesture to our community, as we have done in the past, by holding a blood drive on-site on February 16th.

MIG’s collaboration with OneBlood felt like a perfect match. MIG-sters learned that each blood donation saves three lives and on average, 2,500 blood donations are needed to meet the needs of patients in our hospitals. We had fun bonding as a team while being stewards of our local and global community. In return, MIG-sters that donated received wellness checkups and screenings. OneBlood also treated donors to goodies as a token of their appreciation of the time and effort that the team at MIG dedicated to this labor of love. Kaylie Clawson, a fellow MIG-ster and Chairperson of our OneBlood Drive sums it up perfectly, “We are proud to do our part to help the community in little ways that can make a big difference.” For additional information on OneBlood and hosting a blood drive, visit their website packed with helpful resources.

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