February 28, 2024

2016 Half Marathon & 5K: Race for Women’s Wellness 2016

On Saturday March 26th, 2016 in Coral Springs, FL, MIG's Production Coordinator Leslie Corley ran in the annual Race for Women’s Wellness Half Marathon

Leslie Corley,
MIG Production Coordinator

This particular event serves as a fundraiser for the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund, a locally-based charity that help women get mammogram screenings who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such care. I try to consistently run at least one-half marathon every year, with the lifetime goal of completing an Iron Man as a way to keep me out of my comfort zone.

Breast Cancer FundThis is my second year participating in this race and it was one of my most memorable runs. Prior to being a sick a week before race day, I was determined to see it through and beat my last years time of 3 hours and 50 minutes. All of the runners who participated had such a contagious, high-energy about them that I was able to keep a 11-12 minute pace and even cheer participants during my run!

Running for me has always been therapeutic as well as a bonding experience with fellow runners and volunteers. It’s always thrilling to watch the mile trackers pass you by and hearing cheers from local police men

Running is my way to stay in shape especially have putting in hours on the road and indulging in room service, but more importantly its an engaging way for me continue my contributions to charity that offers support to local women in my area who are struggling with breast cancer.

Click here to learn more about the event & how you can get involved.

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