August 4, 2023

AdvoCare & MIG Take Silver in Technology Design Awards, Event Marketer

Event Marketer magazine’s Event Design and Technology Awards is the world’s largest and only recognition program honoring brands and partners that create the best designed experiences – using social media and technology in live events.

At this year’s conference and exposition in Las Vegas, the winners of their 2016 Experience Design & Technology Awards were announced on November 15. Among the top honors, Multi Image Group and AdvoCare won the Silver Award for “Best Use of AV” for AdvoCare’s “Be a Champion” campaign.

Over 1,000 marketers across Fortune 500 Companies attend EVENTTech every year. The world’s most innovative marketing agencies gather together to share and learn best practices, current trends, and the latest technologies used to optimize engagement at events and trade shows.EVENTTech 2016

Recognized at EVENTTech as leading creators of the brand experience, Multi Image Group and AdvoCare’s “Be a Champion” campaign began as an opportunity for their “Success School” attendees to recognize and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, explore business opportunities, and learn about AdvoCare’s new products and initiatives.

AdvoCare, a direct selling company who provides innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products, has been a longstanding client of Multi Image Group for over fifteen years. During that time we’ve produced more than twenty eight consecutive National Success School events (including road tours), which began in the Fort Worth Convention Center and in 2013, moved to The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to accommodate their now approximately 30,000 attendees/distributors. Success School focuses on recognizing distributor achievements while also providing education, inspiration and motivation. One AdvoCare distributor put it this way: “Success School is more than an event, it’s a light bulb going off. It’s a realization or waking up to a new world of possibilities, this awakening experience is priceless because it has the potential to change lives.”

MIG values Advocare as a long-standing partner. Together, we brought the vision for this event to life. Transcending the conventional event experience, MIG produced an event journey that electrified “Success School” attendees. Using state-of-the-art A/V sound system engineering and experiential technology in a massive space such asAT&T Stadium, AdvoCare attendees left feeling inspired, moved to take action, and excited to return to the 2017 event!