National Women Business Owner Corporation “Decades of Excellence II National Conference” at PGA National

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On May 8 and 9, 2014, MIG participated in the National Women Business Owner Corporation (NWBOC) Decades of Excellence II National Conference at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

We attended, as well as provided all of the audio-visual and staging equipment, free of charge.

Decades-of-excellence-2MIG is a woman-owned enterprise, and to show support for women pursuing their passion and starting their own businesses, we contributed to the NWBOC event by setting the stage, lighting the stage with warm colors, supplying vibrant 16’ x 9 screens, and making sure every word from speakers rang clear and true.

Regina O'Neil knows the importance of supporting women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurship first-hand. As the owner of MIG, she has experienced it all as a woman running a business and is always looking for ways to balance challenges and rewards. She understands that every business owner and entrepreneur experiences ups and downs, but she also knows that it can be even more challenging for women business owners.

This is one reason why bringing female business owners and entrepreneurs together is so important. It's also why MIG was glad to be a part of the NWBOC National Conference at PGA National, for the 2nd consecutive year.

In addition to supplying stage equipment and MIG staff to support the NWBOC event, MIG also participated in the event another way: we showcased the success of our own company – thanks in large part to our owner - by participating in NWBOC’s LauanchPad Expo which showcased numerous woman-based organizations. Manning the MIG booth was Claudia Brennan who interacted with several attendees and provided insight on how MIG can support various businesses by offering full-service corporate communications production and AV capabilities.

In addition to the array of workshops, networking sessions and keynote speakers including U.S. Navy’s 1st female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot Carey Lohrenz, the conference hosted a beautiful awards gala that featured the new Eclipse Awards and honored several woman who have had NWBOC certification for more than 10 years.

This certification program makes it easier for woman-owned businesses to compete on an even playing field with other businesses. The certification program verifies a woman has majority ownership of a company and the "WBE Certification" she receives helps add credibility to her company.

Learn more about the certification program and NWBOC

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