July 27, 2023

MIG Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Efforts

MIG Puerto Rico Irma Donations

“Every time I think I have an understanding of the quality of people who work with me every day, I am presented with yet more proof that there is true meaning behind the term MIG Family. I couldn’t be more grateful for MIG during the Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts.”Angel Resto, MIG Creative Director

Multi Image Group, leader in live events and exhibitions, engages in Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts. Shortly after hurricane Irma caused considerable damage to Puerto Rico, hurricane Maria followed by ravaging through the island, delivering a devastating blow. Employees at Multi Image Group immediately shifted their focus and motivation on how they could be of service and help their island neighbors. Being a corporate event production service business based in South Florida, MIG understands the high degree of uncertainty and terror that hurricanes present. This is why the MIG staff adamantly desired to make an impact and do all that they could to help their friends and family who were not as lucky to be spared from a direct hit by Maria. One of MIG’s Creative Directors, Angel Resto, who has family back on the island, collaborated with MIG’s very own outreach team, One MIG, to get a Puerto Rico hurricane relief effort in motion. This team stepped up to assist in organizing and planning the transportation of supplies that needed to be delivered to Puerto Rico.

After about 2 weeks of collecting food, clothes and medical supplies for the Puerto Rico Hurricane relief efforts, the pallets were stacked up and ready to go! This process was accelerated with the help of The Dan LeBatard Show, an ESPN program broadcasted live form South Beach, which kept delivering goods to our docks almost on a daily basis. A small group of MIG volunteers assembled on Sunday October 15th, 2017 with a local Puerto Rican family who established a temporary, low-rate shipping relationship with Delta airlines. The generosity of spirit shown by Delta, and all of the individuals who wanted to make a positive impact for the Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts, allowed MIG to ship an entire commercial truck load of emergency supplies over to victims. Donation items ranged anywhere from basic medicines, adult and baby diapers, fresh clothing for children. Additional contributions included as generator for Resto’s family, who are still living on the island, and numerous cases of water and easy to prepare emergency food products.

Supplies were then organized, and prepared for flight by the local family who was in close collaboration with MIG. Puerto Ricans who are currently being relieved as a result of these donation items include: Senior citizens, U.S. veterans, children, people who are bed ridden and unable to leave their houses, as well as United States citizens who still remain located in highly decimated areas. Additionally, clothing, food and water donations were distributed to victims who are living in remote areas and have not received any assistance since the twenty days after the storm’s initial landfall as a highly dangerous and destructive Category 5 hurricane.

The One MIG Team is proud to support causes such as this hurricane relief effort. Read more about social good efforts at MIG here. We are constantly seeking out, developing, experimenting with, and refining new event technologies and corporate event production services. But in the end, it’s not about technology — it’s about making personal, human connections.