February 28, 2024

Creating an Interactive Solution for the Tactile Learner

Multi Image Group loves to learn about learning.

We make it our business to learn the best possible techniques we can employ to help audience members of all types remember key concepts and ideas. For example, are you the type of person who learns by doing? You might be a kinesthetic or tactile learner. Although only five percent of the world’s population consists of kinesthetic learners, there are some characteristics that many of us will share. Tactile learners:

  • Don’t like to sit around for a very long time
  • Enjoy adventure stories
  • Are fidgety
  • Like to use their hands
  • Benefit best though exploration
  • Take frequent breaks when studying or reading

Businesses and organizations have the unique challenge of trying to find ways to present information to the public, who are increasingly becoming less interested in long speeches or heavy text to decipher the message.

Instead, they are looking for presentations where they have greater control. They want to interact and become active participants. They are looking for intuitive hardware; engaging images, video and other media; and short-to-the-point copy, so they are not wasting their time trying to figure out what the point of the presentation is in the first place.

Multi Image Group understands the unique challenges businesses have when creating this type of presentation because that is exactly what we do. We will help you create a multi-touch, engaging interactive presentation, using technology from the leading software providers, including Ventuz, Intuiface, and Omnitapps. In the end, you will be able to deliver your content in the best way possible to reach all types of viewers.

To get a taste of some of MIG’s capabilities, please review an example of our work below: