July 27, 2023

Turning Meetings Into Epic Virtual Events


Scalable Virtual Corporate Event Production

When talking about virtual events, think beyond the standard preconception of webcam and video conferencing tools (MIG has those, too). In essence, this is more like an interactive network broadcast experience. In any broadcast show, for example like the Super Bowl, there are dozens of cameras capturing every possible angle, combined with visually exciting graphics, and commentators with guest stars, all of which leads to the audience having an immersive viewing experience. The mission is to create an exciting event for viewers, and this effort elevates the virtual experience into something memorable.

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8 Tips for an Epic Virtual Event:

MIG can help you dream up and build out your virtual event every step of the way, consider these eight tips:

  • Think About Your Audience

    With a target audience in mind, develop an expectation list based on what you want to deliver. Be mindful of keeping the audience engaged in a virtual meeting format, and structure your event accordingly.

  • Engage & Connect Your Audience

    Virtual networking and online interactive solutions, such as virtual modules, are great devices to use. Real-time polling, Q&A, online chat, are integrated ways to connect people realtime to the ideas and theme.

  • Build A Great Show Arc

    Just like any live event, a show arc is something that needs to be carefully crafted. Think about the peaks and valleys, when you want to bring your audience together for a general session and when to break them into virtual groups. The online agenda helps you control your messaging and gives you a chance to really get creative!

  • Security Is a Must

    Online security is a must. Logins, single-sign-on’s, one-time passwords, and white-lists are essential tools to ensure that your event is protected and safe to exchange information.

  • Don't Forget Registration

    Yes, online registration is an excellent solution to connect and promote the virtual event to your audience. Give your audience some teaser information and get them excited about the upcoming event.

  • Budget to Create an Amazing Experience

    Sure, you could use Skype or Zoom, but will that enhance your message? The goal is to create an epic experience that will blow the audience away. Virtual sets and online interactivity are fantastic ways to enhance your event.

  • Solo Viewer and Small Groups

    The virtual event can consist of a central hub with smaller groups around the country or globe. Connect local and regional centers to the entire company network. Online events have unlimited distances and reach.

  • The Connected Show

    How many times have you wanted to create an online network and resource for your post-live event? Virtual events have that feature included in the framework; everything that is shared is already in a central and secure place.

Contact MIG About Your Meeting or Event

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