April 5, 2024

Intuitive + MIG

The Connection That Makes Connect Go

Intuitive Connect is where surgeons, care team members, and hospital leaders at the top of their game come together to advance their robotic surgery skills through hands-on experiences, training, case observations, and forward-looking conversations. Intuitive connects with MIG to co-create this critical experience, creatively raising the technical bar with elegant General Sessions, extremely hands-on 'integrated’ demos, and perfectly executing live surgeries from around the globe, via telepresence.  
With all of the layered nuances that are going on and constant changes that are thrown our way, we know we can rely on Multi Image Group to keep us organized..."
Marketing Event Manager, Inuitive Surgical

Change is the Constant

Intuitive Connect Conference

Intuitive depends on MIG to not only be prepared, but proactively be ready to handle the large number of presentations, shifting roster of speakers, and late-breaking content changes… in many sessions running simultaneously.  

Intuitive Flow

On the 'IntegratEd' expo floor, MIG helps drive traffic with smart design and flow, augmenting the already-impressive array of Intuitive technology. Activations attract surgical experts to interact with Intuitive products and even get a chance to showcase skills in real-time via highly sophisticated gamification.  
“This is a personal relationship and one that we're very proud to have built with Multi Image Group and we look forward to this partnership for years to come."
Marketing Event Manager, Intuitive

Intuitive's Partnership with Multi Image Group

MIG is dedicated to working with Intuitive on their events from beginning to end, with an exceptional team of executive producers, show technical directors, video engineers, and digital scenic designers. MIG looks forward to continuing this close partnership with Intuitive for future event opportunities to come. Go team, go!
Intuitive Connect
Intuitive Connect Conference
Intuitive Connect Conference