July 27, 2023

3 Things You Need on Your Virtual Event Checklist

With social distancing enforced, everyone in the industry is looking to reimagine their strategy for virtual and hybrid events. While producing more than 100 virtual events over the last 6 months, MIG and our clients have experienced first-hand the pros and cons of this new world – as well as the kind of checklist you need to create for a successful virtual event. So, how about a quick roundup of 3 things you can take off your list and 3 things you absolutely need on the top of your list.

3 Things You Absolutely NEED on Your List 

A Strong Production Partner

Your ideas still need to be presented and shared powerfully and clearly – on brand, on time, in the right media, at the right moments.


A Virtual Event Platform Provider

You still need a virtual “hotel” to welcome and hold your content dependably and reliably. MIG can help guide you on the right platform for your needs!


Strategic and Creative Talent 

You seriously need to reimagine how to translate what works on-stage to what works on-screen (hint: it’s a whole new language).


3 Things You Can Take OFF Your List

Hi-Priced Lo-Fi WiFi


Mega-Hotels Your Attendees Get Lost In  


Worrying About Boxed Lunches for 50,000+ Attendees  


With MIGstream, You Can!

No matter what’s going on in the world, MIG can help you engage your audience in virtual ways that move hearts, change minds, and drive results. When would you like to begin?