July 27, 2023

Direct Selling Industry: 3 Steps to Reimagine Your Event Strategy

The pandemic resulted in a 13.2% increase in first-time or part-time direct sellers. In 2021 alone, direct selling is up 23%. The potential for capturing and growing this fresh crop into team leaders and your down-line is enormous, and events have never been more crucial. But we need to reimagine your engagement.

Step 1: Re-think your event design

Thousands of companies formed in the past year offering a plethora of virtual options. Some worked; others weren’t the best fit. Our 42 years of live & broadcast experience allowed us to deftly pivot and offer dynamic virtual solutions that are now permanently integrated into our event production strategy moving forward.

For example, a MIG client hosted their virtual training seminars on a virtual island this year, resulting in a 50% increase in attendee engagement.

• Let the latest technology (AR, VR, AI) enhance your brand. Bring in experts anywhere, any time.
• Transport your audience to your office or distribution or manufacturing centers.
• Break the barriers and allow your audience to be a part of your program.

Step 2: Personalize your attendee experience

Offer them options to craft, customize and cultivate content they want and need for Omnichannel access. Data is key! According to Accenture, 83% would exchange data for a more personalized experience. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to gain insights and gather information by asking attendees questions and giving them precisely what they want.

• Storytelling has never been more critical as we all crave to connect. Create valuable moments and teachings that are not just shared on the main stage.
• Create microsites pre and post-event for additional content with discussions and deep dives.

Step 3: Embrace change

Your event agenda and communication cadence must change to match new attention spans and needs, so embrace the change. We are strategizing about what events may look like over the next 6-12 months. Want to hear event insights and best practices from other verticals like finance, the food industry, and pharmaceutical? MIG works with them all and can offer examples of their successes.

MIG has been a trusted partner for Direct Selling clients for over 25 years, offering innovative and creative solutions that elevate and motivate no matter the platform. Consider MIG as your partner to grow forward. Let’s start a conversation….