October 30, 2023

How to Stay in the WOW With Hybrid Events!



Whether you're planning a virtual, hybrid, or live event for the future, the key to every successful event is the WOW. That's what stops your audience from getting up to do the laundry mid-show. Clients' biggest challenges is finding ways to celebrate their attendees with virtual awards. Multi Image Group (MIG) has seen and done it all: live nominees and winners on-screen, awards delivered in-person to attendees at their homes, even celebrity guest appearances to announce and congratulate award winners. For example, with our AudienceCaster, everyone has a chance to take the stage, and we can even spotlight attendees.



From the live stage to the digital beyond, you can boost your audience engagement using the latest technology. No matter where your show is, you can bring presenters and guests into the experience using broadcast technology. We can bring together the same union of on-location and remote technology for hybrid events to recreate the entire experience in the ballroom. We have our video world with our stellar video crew operating the switchers, camera controls, streaming systems, and digital environment. Once reserved for top-tier broadcasters, video magic is now readily available!


Showcase Mesmerizing Sets

While a Zoom background might be OK for a morning meeting with co-workers, executives want more WOW! for a high-profile event. A 360 virtual destination gives attendees the feeling of actually being there! It allows presenters to walk through a 3D environment as the camera moves with them with digital storytelling elements such as graphics, 3D objects, live video, photography, holograms, and so much more. From unique new set designs, immersive presenter experiences, and augmented elements designed to drive results and max out the attendee experience, MIG's digital offerings can make your Hybrid meeting or conference unforgettable!