September 8, 2023

5 Ways to Show Your Virtual Audience the Love

How can you make your virtual attendees feel special, feel valued, and feel that they matter? How can you prove to them that your event is worth coming back to see? Here are 5 ways to show your virtual audience the love this holiday season.
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"5 Ways to Show Your Virtual Audience the Love"
  • Personalize the Event

    Small personalized touches, like session push notifications, or consistent and up-to-date messaging, can keep attendees focused on their personal goals for the event.

  • Shake Things Up

    These days your attendees are probably feeling stuck in the same routine. So, make sure you don't make your event a carbon copy from last year. Incorporate new content, new trends, and emerging technologies to keep your event experience evolving.

  • Spend Quality Time

    Value your attendees' time and respect their need for efficiency. Some ways to do this include using an event platform for streamlined registration and agenda sharing; shorter sessions and presentations; and meetings that span one day instead of over multiple days. You want your attendees to feel that they have control over their time and that you are never wasting a moment of it.

  • Say Thank You

    Carve out agenda time to recognize, honor, and celebrate your attendees for their accomplishments, loyalty, and contributions to your brand community. Just because the world has gone virtual doesn't mean they still don't crave pats on the back. And don't forget to follow up with your attendees after the event. Thank them for their time and offer them the opportunity to hear their feedback.

  • Let Attendees Have a Voice

    Make parts of your event interactive. Ask questions, use online polling features, play games, crowdsource content from your audience in the form of fun videos, encourage live-tweeting | texting—there are many ways to get your audience involved and share their ideas.

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