August 15, 2023

Direct Energy Mobile Exhibit – Innovation To Inspiration

Direct Energy + MIG Partnership

Direct Energy kicked off their inaugural “Innovation to Inspiration” (iTOi) mobile exhibit tour, stopping at 26 different cities across the country over the course of the year. The purpose of the tour was to educate and inform citizens, legislators, and students about Direct Energy’s technology and services, along with their partners’ connected products, all which enable both residential and business consumers to use energy more efficiently. MIG was granted the challenging opportunity to give their already successful exhibit some fresh new content with some engaging interactive solutions. MIG enthusiastically embraced Direct Energy’s mission to provide educational and engaging experiences for its audience through interactive technology and memorable storytelling experiences. The one-of-a-kind mobile exhibit arrives at each destination, it expands out to increase the footprint of the exhibit space. During its tour hiatus, this marvel of the highway was brought to the MIG headquarters in Boca Raton, FL so that the team could get acquainted with its dimensions, materials, and exhibit components. With client input, the MIG team set out to identify, design, and execute innovative updates to the interior and to integrate new experiential technology solutions.

Exhibit Enhancements & Integrations

MIG outfitted their 26’ x 39’ mobile exhibit with four touchscreens – each with individual, customized interactive content, and set the canvas to build the user engagement that Direct Energy was looking for. Information that was previously printed, or shown as looping video, now lives as a unique and memorable experiences. For example, when users want to learn more about Direct Energy’s services they simply touch a screen to discover videos, sample energy bills and notifications, raffles and pop quizzes, and more. Scoring algorithms within the quiz enables Brand Ambassadors to effectively issue prizes to their guests. Ambassadors and management are also equipped with a live-updating, web-based spreadsheet, which assists the team in calculating raffle winners at the end of each day. Integrating some of Direct Energy’s existing web content allowed us to not only keep costs down, but also enabled Direct Energy to continue using their current backend system when collecting lead information. Direct Energy’s online tool called Direct Your Plan (a tool to build an energy plan tailor-made for each individual’s lifestyle, with the connected products and benefits best-suited for their homes) was reimagined to become an interactive station featuring a 3D virtual experience. A second screen positioned above the unit allows bystanders to see what the user is viewing via their 3D goggles.