August 15, 2023

Volvo Trucks Product Launch: Live Event Production

How MIG Helped Bring the Launch to Life

Multi Image Group was presented the opportunity to work with Volvo Trucks on creating, producing and designing an interactive event for the three month long product launch of the new VNL Long Haul and VNR Regional Haul Trucks. Volvo Trucks is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. With this in mind, Multi Image Group and Volvo Trucks planned an unforgettable product launch event at the brand new Volvo Customer Center. MIG’s production services incorporated a spectacular reveal and an inspiring experience program. For example, the experience included multiple breakout engagements and truck showcases to create an interactive event. Altogether, the product launch garnered the attention of media, customers, commercial crew and Volvo dealers. MIG collaborated with Volvo Trucks to design interactive product launch event solutions to make the vision happen. To begin with, MIG spoke with the design team behind Volvo Trucks Customer Center at its New River Valley (NVR) facility. Built to showcase Volvo products, innovations and the brand in a dynamic way to engage visitors, the Volvo Trucks Customer Center was part of a $38.1 million investment in the Dublin, Virginia facility. Furthermore, this facility is where all Volvo truck models for North America are assembled.

Live Event Production in Action

When we began our union with Volvo Trucks, the center was still under construction. Therefore, MIG contributed from an event design and event technology perspective. MIG evaluated if the event space had the right technical and rigging solutions needed for Volvo to offer unique brand experiences. The facility that hosted the product launch event included a product showroom, two exhibit rooms, two pilot review rooms and a theater-in-the-round at the center of the building seating 290.
  • Product Showcase

    VNR and VNL showcase event tents. Where attendees could get up close and personal with the new trucks and learn more about their new features. From sweptback headlights, to new grilles and hoods, to a dashboard design that puts the most-used controls within easy reach and of course, Volvo’s one of a kind I-Drive Transmissions.

  • Product Reveal

    VNR and VNL reveals took place in the center’s impressive theater. Strategically combined with interactive elements, such as dance troupes, perfectly timed music tracks, kabuki drops, dynamic lighting effects and projection mapping. Plus, 360-LED tube lighting adorning the wrap-around balcony, and screen displays featuring vibrant, rotating imagery, reflective of the VNR and VNL brand.

  • Product Engagement

    Multiple breakout sessions provided the perfect environment for event attendees. To dive deeper under the hoods and learn about the new truck series offerings, technology and selling points. For instance, adaptive navigation and an exterior backing cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and more.

“We needed to create a big splash, but be smart in how we did it. It was really important to us to have somebody to work with and trust implicitly, to not only execute in a very good way, so that everyone who comes here feels like it’s being done for the first time, just for them.”
- Volvo Trucks Client